Call night

I turn in the bed once more, shaking off half-lucid nightmares of medical errors and angry nurses. I'm working the “night admitter” shift tonight, which means I am responsible for any new admissions to the hospital from 7 PM to 7 AM. It also means that once the emergency room quiets down, I can usually … Continue reading Call night

Dear Intern

Dear Intern, It will be the best of times and it will be the worst of times. And what a special time this will be. This will be a time of learning. You will learn the details and nuances of clinical medicine — the diagnostic features of sarcoidosis and the second, third, and fourth line … Continue reading Dear Intern


It’s 3 AM on a Tuesday night and despite being surrounded by patients, I am alone in the ICU. My mind drifts to memories from my childhood — to half-day Fridays and packed lunches, to weekend sleepovers and backyard football. I smile, recollecting the truths I was taught about the world: that love doesn’t die … Continue reading Crash

Stanford School of Medicine – Commencement Address 2016 "Thank you for this unbelievable honor to speak on behalf of the SMS graduating class of 2016. We sit before you today not because of our test scores or accomplishments but instead solely because McKinsey refused to hire us and our part-time startup didn’t pan out. This may be the only institution where dropping … Continue reading Stanford School of Medicine – Commencement Address 2016